July 2012 (7)
Jul 27 2012 9:02AM
China Human Rights Briefing July 20-26, 2012

Contents Arbitrary Detention Hunan Activist Xiao Yong Given Two-Year RTL Punishment Fujian Petitioners Punished in Beijing, One Sent to RTL After Trying to Visit Ai Weiwei Freedom of Expression and Access to Information Government...

Jul 26 2012 7:51PM
Chinese Communist Party and London 2012 Olympics

Dai Bingguo (戴秉国), State Councillor, will represent the Chinese Communist Party at the opening of London 2012 Olympics on 27 July [1]. Dai Bingguo [2] is one of the the highest-ranking figures of Chinese Communist Party with...

Jul 21 2012 8:57AM
US Must Pursue More Open, Results-Oriented Bilateral Human Rights Dialogue With China

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders, July 20, 2012) - The United States and China will hold the 17th round of their bilateral human rights dialogue in Washington D.C. on July 23 and 24. According to a State Department media note circulated...

Jul 20 2012 8:24AM
China Human Rights Briefing July 13-19, 2012

Contents Arbitrary Detention Artist Hua Yong Sent to RTL Over Tiananmen Massacre Performance Piece Beijing Activist Zhu Fuxiang Detained Nearly Eight Months Without Trial Jiangsu Farmer Detained After Attempted Self-Immolation in...

Jul 13 2012 9:28PM
China Human Rights Briefing July 7-12, 2012

Arbitrary Detention Shandong Police Interrogate Guards About Chen Guangcheng’s Escape, Determine Activist Escaped on His Own Hunan Activist Zhu Chengzhi Still Detained Incommunicado Beijing Authorities Detain Residents Over Demolition...

Jul 6 2012 8:36PM
China Human Rights Briefing June 27-July 6, 2012

Contents • Arbitrary Detention ◦ Chen Kegui Remains Detained, Family Warned as Officials Offer Token Compensation ◦ Activist Song Ze Remains Held in Undisclosed Location ◦ UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Finds Chen Wei’s...

Jul 5 2012 8:06AM
China: Dozens still subject to enforced disappearance three years after crackdown on unrest in Urumqi

Amnesty International Public Statement: Dozens still subject to enforced disappearance three years after crackdown on unrest in Urumqi