Chinese Communist Party and London 2012 Olympics

Dai Bingguo (戴秉国), State Councillor, will represent the Chinese Communist Party at the opening of London 2012 Olympics on 27 July [1].

Dai Bingguo [2] is one of the the highest-ranking figures of Chinese Communist Party with responsibility for foreign policy. As a key member of Hu Jintao's administration he is in charge of all foreign affairs-related issues and is often the CCP figurehead who will discuss concerns about human rights, Chinese dissidents and Tibet with foreign governments [3].

As Hu Jintao’s special representative, Dai ensures that all representatives of the People's Republic of China systematically deny gross and large-scale current human rights violations carried out under Chinese Communist Party rule [4] and is known to publicly slam governments who do not "understand and support" P R China's policies [5].

Earlier in 2012, during the controversy involving the situation with Chen Guangcheng, he stated, "I believe human rights issues should not disturb state-to-state relations, and they should not be used as an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.”[6]


Dai is responsible for PRC having used its Security Council veto five times: in 2007 (in conjunction with Russia) to veto criticizing Myanmar (Burma) on its human rights record, in 2008 (with Russia) to veto sanctions against Zimbabwe, in 2011 (with Russia) to veto sanctions against Syria, in February 2012 (with Russia) to veto for the second time a draft resolution calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to quit, and in July 2012 to veto for the third time a draft resolution that would impose sanctions on the Assad regime. [7]

Dai’s Expected Daily Schedule: 

27 July:     Lancaster Place (British Business Embassy) all day meetings with Vince cable and Ministers

Dai will definitely attend the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

Further information about China Business Day


Schedules and speakers

28 July: 14:30 UK Houses of Parliament & House of Lords to meet with Lord Wei & others

NOTE: Dai is expected to visit Number 10 and/or the Foreign Office during his stay.
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For up-to-date information about current human rights violation under the Chinese Communist Party rule, please refer to the websites below:
- Amnesty International:
- Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy:
- Chinese Human Rights Defenders:

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