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October 2010 (9)
Oct 27 2010 8:24AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  October 19-25, 2010

Highlights Harassment of Activists Continues: CHRD continued to collect reports this week of activists, dissidents, and supporters of Liu Xiaobo who have been harassed, placed under police surveillance, or had their movements...

Oct 25 2010 2:38PM

Thorbjorn Jagland, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee wrote "The authorities assert that no one has the right to interfere in China’sinternal affairs. But they are wrong: international human rights law and standards are...

Oct 22 2010 11:16AM
Chinese people will win freedom

"We have seen this story in the churches of Soweto and the theaters of Prague. We know how it ends. We are able to write today, free of fear and full of hope, because our people won our freedom back. In time, Liu and the Chinese people...

Oct 20 2010 6:35AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  October 13-18, 2010

Highlights Police Crack Down on Activists Following Nobel Prize Announcement: In addition to the stories included in the week’s China Human Rights Briefing , CHRD has created a page on our English-language website dedicated to...

Oct 14 2010 7:52AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   October 5-12, 2010

Highlights Liu Xiaobo Awarded 2010 Nobel Peace Prize : On October 8, the Nobel Committee announced it had awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to imprisoned activist, writer and intellectual Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波). CHRD hailed the news, saying...

Oct 11 2010 6:54PM
Liu Xiaobo and Illusions About China By Fang Li-Zhi

" I heartily applaud the Nobel Committee for awarding its Peace Prize to the imprisoned Liu Xiaobo for his long and nonviolent struggle for humanrights in China. In doing so, the committee has challenged the West to re-examine a...

Oct 9 2010 10:59PM
Chinese activists detained for celebrating the award of Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo

Police in Beijing detained at least 20 human rightsdefenders who were celebrating the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaoboon 8 October. Up to now, at least fourteen activists are still missing.They are Wang Lihong, Wu Gan, Zhao...

Oct 6 2010 6:14AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   September 30 October 4, 2010

Highlights Detentions and Harassment Related to National Day Continue through Holiday : With the 61st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China taking place this week, police in Beijing and around China kept up...

Oct 1 2010 10:57AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly     September 22-29, 2010

Highlights Chengdu Court protestors sentenced: Ten activists were convicted of “assembling a crowd to disrupt social order” on September 28 for protesting outside the Chengdu City Intermediate Court in 2009. CHRD is dismayed at the...