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China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   September 30 October 4, 2010


  • Detentions and Harassment Related to National Day Continue through Holiday: With the 61st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China taking place this week, police in Beijing and around China kept up their concerted efforts, chronicled in last week’s CHRB, to detain petitioners and activists during the holiday. CHRD documented additional cases of petitioners and activists who were harassed or taken into detention by police this week.
  • CHRD Issues Statement on Government’s Human Rights White Paper: In response to the State Council’s white paper on “Human Rights Developments in China in 2009,” CHRD accused the government this week of “ignoring facts” and producing a document which is “seriously inconsistent with the human rights reality in China.” CHRD’s statement, which is available online (in Chinese), includes five concrete recommendations for the government to begin addressing areas of concern.


Arbitrary DetentionPoliceDetain Petitioners and Activists Ahead of and During National Day

  • On October 1, several hundred petitioners gathered outside the office buildings of the United Nations in Beijing. They were seized by the waiting Beijing police, stuffed into buses and subsequently taken away. (CHRD)[1]
  • On October 1, Hangzhou dissident Zhu Yufu (朱虞夫) was under house arrest by half a dozen policemen from the Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau (PSB). Reportedly, Hangzhou police also had “chats” with activists Zou Wei (邹巍) and Gao Haibing (高海兵) to warn them against making trouble on October 1. (CHRD)[2]
  • On October 1, Shanghai activist Shen Peilan (沈佩兰) was seized at her home by officials from Maqiao Town Letters and Visits Office. It is unclear whether Shen has been released. Shen was warned the day before by the assistant director of the office that she must not venture out of her home during the National Day holidays. (CRLW)[3]
  • On September 30, more than 30 petitioners from Guangxi Province were seized by the Beijing police while taking a walk near the Tiananmen Square. They were first sent to a nearby police station, then to Jiujingzhuang, a centralized black jail where they saw hundreds of other petitioners detained. More than half of the Guangxi petitioners were forcibly sent back to Nanning City, capital of Guangxi Province, on October 1. The fate of the rest of the petitioners is currently unclear. The petitioners were women who complain that they and their children have been denied benefits handed out by their villages because they married men from outside the villages. (CHRD)[4]
  • CHRD learned on September 29 that anti-corruption activist Zhang Jianzhong (张建中) has been put under house arrest in his Tianjin home. Between four and six Tianjin policemen have stationed outside his home since September 25. It is believed that Zhang has been held to prevent him from traveling to Beijing to visit friends and to petition the government during the National Day holidays. Zhang started a blog where he documents the plight of petitioners and victims of forced evictions in Tianjin after he was retaliated against after exposing corruption of cadres in the company where he worked. (CHRD)[5]
  • On September 27, petitioner Zhu Guiqin (朱桂琴), of Liaoning Province, was seized by police outside of Beijing's South Railway Station. The officers handed her off to interceptors from Liaoning, who forcibly returned her to Luotaishan Village. Zhu was briefly detained in a black jail there before she was able to escape with the assistance of relatives. She is currently in hiding. (CHRD)[6]

ForcedEviction and DemolitionVictims Seized for Resisting ForcedEviction

About 6am on September 29, while villagers ofGaotan Village in Renshou County, Sichuan Province were still sleeping,between500 and 600 unidentified men entered the village and dragged out oftheir homessix families who have refused to agree to the demolition of theirhomes. Themen then proceeded to demolish their houses. When the familiesresisted, threeof them were taken into custody by the town police present at thescene. One ofthem has been released, but Peng Qunying (彭群英) and Liao Yuehua (廖月华) havebeen subjected to ten days of administrative detention. GaotanVillage is being demolished tomakeway for an administrative building for Renshou Countygovernment, and some of the villagers have refused to move due toinadequatecompensation. (CHRD)[7]

Freedom of AssemblyHunan Activist Xiao Yong ForciblyExpelled from GuangzhouFollowing Detention for Protesting

On October 3, activist Xiao Yong (肖勇) wasreleased following fifteen days of detention for "inciting an illegaldemonstration" in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and forciblyreturned to his hometown of Wugang City, Hunan Province. Xiao wasoriginallydetained on September 18, shortly after arriving in Guangzhou;police had interrogated him for approximately 18 hours about Twittermessageshe had written as well as his participation in a late July rally in Guangzhou insupport ofthe Cantonese language. Xiao was threatened with detention if hereturns to Guangzhouduring theupcoming Asian Games, and police also pressured his relatives intoensuringthat Xiao would not attempt to travel to the city during thecompetition. Asthe Asian Games approach, police in Guangzhou have quietly begunrounding upand sending away other dissidents and activists who are not from thecity,including Tang Jingling (唐荆陵) and Zheng Chuantian (郑创添).(CHRD)[8]

Citizens’ActionsActivists Set Up “Chen Guangcheng ConcernGroup”

A group of 13 Beijingactivists have established the Chen Guangcheng Concern Group onSeptember 29 todemand an end to the activist’s house arrest by the authorities in Linyi City, ShandongProvince. Since Chen was released from prison on September 9, he andhis wifehave been subjected to house arrest at home and barred from accessingmedicaltreatment. Members of the group, wearing “Free Chen Guangcheng”t-shirts, wentto the Beijing Liaison Office of Shandong Province on September 30 toprotesthis continued detention. The group vows to gather outside the liaisonofficeonce a week. (CHRD)[9] 

Law andPolicy WatchCHRD Issues Statement on Government’s HumanRights White Paper

On September 29, CHRD issued a statement inChinese on State Council’s white paperon “HumanRights Developments in China in 2009” published on September 26.CHRD’sstatement criticizes the white paper for “ignoring facts anddeliberatelywhitewashing the situation,” and “is seriously inconsistent with thehumanrights reality in China.”The statement then describes in greater details serious human rightsviolationsthat were ignored by the white paper in the following areas: the ruleof law,economic development, freedom of expression, the right to monitor thegovernment, the right to legal remedies and international cooperationon humanrights matters. At the end of the statement, CHRD proposes fiveconcreterecommendations to the Chinese government. (CHRD)[10]

Revised State Secrets Law Comes intoEffect; Internet Companies Given Responsibility to Prevent Leakage ofSecrets

The revised State Secrets Law came into effecton October 1. An article published on Xinhua Net stresses theresponsibility ofproviders of telecommunications services, especially internetcompanies, to“stop the leaking of state secrets on the internet in a timelyfashion.”According to the revised law, internet companies must cooperate withinvestigations of suspected leakages of state secrets; that they muststop thetransmission of such information once discovered and report the crimeto theauthorities; and that they must comply with the authorities’ orderswhen toldto delete such information from their websites. Internet companieswhich failto comply with the revised law will be punished by the relevantdepartmentssuch as the police and the Ministry of the State Secrets. (Xinhua)[11]

For CHRD’s views on the revised State SecretsLaw, please see p.3 of our latestreport submitted to the UN Committee against Torture.

Opinion on Standardizing Sentences Comesinto Effect on October 1

The Trial Opinion on the Issues of the Processof Standardizing Sentences issued by the Supreme People’s Court, theSupremePeople’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministryof StateSecurity and the Ministry of Justice came into effect on October 1. TheTrialOpinion is a new document giving procurators and judges across Chinaguidelines on the issue of sentencing. It aims to minimize differencesinsentencing across the country and improve the transparency and opennessof thesentencing process. (BeijingMorning Post)[12]

Editors: David Smalls and Lin SangNews updatesfromCHRDAnnual Report on the Situation of Human RightsDefenders inChina (2009)


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