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January 2010 (15)
Jan 29 2010 1:10PM
China Human Rights Briefing  28 January  2010

Headlines Nine Schools for Children of Migrant Workers Set to Be Demolished in Beijing’s Chaoyang District Hunan Village Representative Arrested for Complaining about Local Corruption Rightto Education NineSchools for Children of...

Jan 27 2010 1:16PM
China Human Rights Briefing  26 Jan 2010

Headlines Petitioners Harassed as People’s Congress, People’s Political Consultative Conference Meet Hebei Petitioners Detained Four Months in Psychiatric Institution ArbitraryDetention PetitionersHarassed as People’s Congress, People...

Jan 26 2010 8:23AM
China Human Rights Briefing  25 January 2010

Headlines Five Chinese Activist Web sites Attacked by Hackers Guangzhou Court Hears Lawsuit from Lawyer Deprived of License Guangxi Petitioners Sent to One Year of RTL for “Abnormal Petitioning” Longtime Xi’an Petitioner Seized by...

Jan 25 2010 2:32PM

His Excellency Hu Jintao President of the People's Republic of China Zhongnanhai, Xichengqu, Beijing People’s Republic of China OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA January 15, 2010 Your Excellency, The...

Jan 23 2010 11:57AM
China Human Rights Briefing  January 22, 2010

Headlines Illegal Restriction of Shanghai Lawyer Zheng Enchong’s Movement Resumed Beijing Police Continue Harassment of House Church Activist Chen Tianshi Illegally-Detained Elderly Petitioner Released from RTL Camp on Bail for Medical...

Jan 22 2010 11:56AM
China Human Rights Briefing  January 21, 2010

Headlines Local Officials Question Relatives of Organizer Zou Chuanshun Court Rejects Request for an Appeal Hearing for Liu Xiaobo Jiangsu Court to Hear Female Lawyer’s Lawsuit against Family Planning Bureau Guangxi Police Harass...

Jan 21 2010 5:41PM

On 15 January, Chinesepro-democracy activist Zhou Yongjun was sentenced to nine years' imprisonmentfor fraud. Amnesty International believes that his conviction is politicallymotivated. According to his lawyer, Zhou Yongjun is planning...

Jan 21 2010 9:34AM
China Human Rights Briefing January 20, 2010

China Human Rights Briefing January 20, 2010 Headlines Xinjiang Residents Able to Receive Long-Distance Calls for First Time in Six Months Gansu Province to Build a Team of 650 “Internet Commentators” Shaanxi Activist’s “Legal Worker”...

Jan 20 2010 9:49AM
China Human Rights Briefing January 19, 2010

Headlines Imprisoned Lawyer and Torture Victim Wang Yonghang Meets with Lawyers for First Time Case Against Sichuan Activist Liu Zhengyou Transferred to Procuratorate Imprisoned Lawyer Li Zhuang Submits Appeal ArbitraryDetention...

Jan 17 2010 12:13PM
Did Chinese regime kill Human Rights Lawyers Gao Zhisheng and Guo Feixiong?

Gao Zhisheng and Guo Feixiong remain in prison due to theirhuman rights activities. Their relatives and friends have not heard from them atleast for six months. A policeman knowing about the details of Gao Zhisheng'sarrest said he...

Jan 17 2010 8:18AM
AIUK Urgent Action: Dont let Britain become a safe haven for war criminals

Please call on the Prime Minister tostate clearly that it will not alter the law on universal jurisdiction,and will continue to allow victims of war crimes to seek justice inBritish courts. Take action .

Jan 15 2010 8:33AM

Zhao Shiying (better known by his pen name Zhao Dagong), a writer who hascalled for democratic reform in China, was taken from his home in the cityof Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, by police on 11 January. He is a prisonerof conscience, and...

Jan 9 2010 8:16PM
Urgent: Dhondup Wangchen was sentenced to 6 years in prison

Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen was sentenced to 6 yearsin prison for making documentary Leaving Fear Behind which recorded views fromordinary Tibetans of the Beijing Olympics. Take Action on Dhondup Wangchen: Leaving Fear Behind...

Jan 6 2010 10:37PM
Czech Charter 77 signatories support Charter 08

More than 50signatories of the Czech Charter 77 human rights manifesto have voiced supportto Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo in English Czech Václav Havel gets closed door reception at protestsupporting Chinese dissident...

Jan 1 2010 3:40PM
Chinese, Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK and supporters protested against CCPs suppression of the freedom of expression.

Photos NTDTV Video Today seesthe beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. We are gathering hereto express our continuing resistance against the tyrannical rule of the ChineseCommunist Party, our contempt for such a coward...