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China Human Rights Briefing  28 January  2010


Rightto Education

NineSchools for Children of Migrant Workers Set to Be Demolished in Beijing’sChaoyangDistrict

CHRD learned on the afternoon of January 28 thatat least 6000 children of migrant workers in Beijing's Chaoyang District may nothaveschools to return to following winter vacation. Nine schools set up forthesechildren in Chaoyang are scheduled to be demolished by February 28; agroup of20 school and kindergarten principals who gathered outside of theBeijingMunicipal Government offices on Thursday stated that officials had yettopresent a plan for teachers and students following the demolitions. Theschoolsare currently in rental properties in an area to be demolished andcleared forcommercial development. One principal who spoke with CHRD said he was"notoptimistic," noting that Chaoyang District officials had already toldtheprincipals to bring their complaints to city officials, who advisedthem topursue a solution "through the legal system." Although governmentpolicies makes it clear that children of migrant workers must beadmitted bystate-run schools, in practice they are often denied seats in theseschools andtheir education is dependent on schools for migrant children run bynon-governmental organizations. (CHRD)[i]


Hunan Village Representative Arrested for Complainingabout Local Corruption

On January 26, CHRD learned that the HuayuanCounty, Hunan Province Procuratorate has approved the arrest of LongXiuhui (龙秀辉), whohas been detained for over one month after being seized in Beijing.Long, whohas been petitioning for more than 10 years on behalf of his fellowvillagersabout local corruption, was detained in a Beijingblack jail for 11 days before being returned to Huayuan County.Once back, he was held for 21 days in the Huayuan County DetentionHouse beforeofficials approved his arrest on charges of "slander" and transferredhim to the HuayuanCounty Detention Center,where he is currentlydetained. (CHRD)[ii]

Editors: David Smalls and Lin Sang

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CHRD Yearbook 2007-2008:

[i] "Special Alert: Many Beijing Migrant Worker Schools FaceDemolition; 6000 Students Could Lose Classrooms" (特别关注:北京多所打工子弟学校面临强迁6000余名学生将失学), January 28,2010,

[ii] "Arrest Authorized for Hunan Petitioner Long Xiuhui" (湖南访民龙秀辉被批准逮捕),January 28, 2010,

 Source: CHRD

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