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January 2009 (16)
Jan 30 2009 3:21PM
Me, My Nose and I

Just a quick blog as I can’t resist sharing my recent misfortune with the Amnesty community and beyond. Similarly to Patrick I have been struck down by an ailment, although speaking literally it wasn’t an illness that struck me but...

Jan 30 2009 2:23PM
Amnesty International at Davos

Northern Ireland-educated Secretary General of Amnesty International, Irene Khan, is in Davos for the World Economic Forum. Of course, as this blog has recorded, its not the first time that Amnesty or Irene has been to the gathering of...

Jan 29 2009 9:35AM
Irish Blog Awards: nominated!

Am at home in my sick bed, popping penicillin and paracetemol like sweeties, but just wanted to post a quick 'ta very much' to those who nominated Belfast and Beyond for the Irish Blog Awards. We've been nominated in the News / Current...

Jan 27 2009 6:19PM
Putting the Past Before Us: On the eve of the Eames Bradley Report, the story thus far

Tomorrow the long awaited Eames-Bradley Consultative Group on The Past (CGP) report will be released. Recent reports suggesting that all victims of the troubles (irrespective of their own roles in the troubles) will be entitled to the...

Jan 26 2009 12:41AM
'Please, please pray that we will get justice'

Satrurday was spent at the SDLP annual party conference in Armagh. It was normal party conference stuff. A very early start, a very late finish and lots of resolutions, speeches and delegates to be talked to at our Amnesty stand and...

Jan 21 2009 3:09PM
Ending Paramilitary Punishment Violence in Northern Ireland

In November of last year I blogged about the resurgence of paramilitary punishment violence in Northern Ireland and called for a community solution to what many believe is a community problem. Support for punishment violence was linked...

Jan 21 2009 2:02PM
The false choice between safety and ideals

"As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man, a charter...

Jan 19 2009 8:22PM
Let freedom reign!

I hope Mossey is having a ball out in Washington DC for Obama's inauguration. As a bit of a political junkie myself, I have a sense of what he must be feeling. It could simply be relief that, after eight long years, we're finally...

Jan 18 2009 5:39PM
BOOK REVIEW: Dreams From My Father - Barack Obama

Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama, (Paperback, 464 pages, Canongate Books, rrp £8.99, available £4.99) On Tuesday I will go along to Queen’s University Belfast for an event, to be addressed by the United States Consul General, Susan...

Jan 14 2009 10:07AM
Barack Obama, Mumia Abu-Jamal and the death penalty

If you missed 'In Prison My Whole Life' at the Belfast Film Festival last April, there's another chance to see it tonight and tomorrow at Belfast's Queen's Film Theatre. It's a powerful, fast-moving film documentary, dealing with the...

Jan 13 2009 12:36AM
Gerry Kelly, Jonathan Powell and the MILF

You read it here first. Sort of… Back in August I speculated that deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness could soon find himself in the Philippines aiding the search for peace in the Mindanao region of the country between the...

Jan 11 2009 9:37PM
Tiken Jah Fakoly singing for freedom (video)

Go to youtube url here. Enjoy! This inspiring video feeds my new year's hopes for an end to immigration control. Reggae superstar, Tiken Jah Fakoly, singing here, was featured in the documentary film, 'An Independent Mind', directed by...

Jan 9 2009 8:55PM
Has the Human Rights Act Molested the Memory of Diana?

That's just one of the hilarious headlines generated by Daily Mail-o-matic, which gives you a new Daily Mail-style headline every time you hit the refresh button. "Now updated to include 2009 bogeymen!" the site cheerfully tells us...

Jan 9 2009 12:21AM
Gaza: what lessons from Northern Ireland?

Pundits are swopping versions of how the lessons of Northern Ireland conflict resolution might be applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Steven King – one-time advisor to David Trimble – gives his analysis in the Irish Examiner...

Jan 7 2009 9:54PM
Irish Blog Awards - call for nominations

I've done it. Have you? Yes, nominated your favourite blogs and bloggers for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards. Among my nominees for this year are, in various categories and in no particular order: Bobballs!, Iced Coffee Words, Alan in...

Jan 3 2009 9:12PM
Tasers: Oops, Newt's done it again!

Newspaper pundit Newton Emerson regularly devotes all or some of his twice-weekly Irish News column to attacking Amnesty International, for everything from our award-winning education work in primary schools, to our position – or at...