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2012 (5)
Nov 21 2012 11:46AM
China: challenges for the new leaders – and our own

About 130 million people voted in the recent US elections. In contrast, just 2,270 delegates to the Chinese Communist Party Congress met to choose the new leadership of the world’s most populous country. While the Chinese leaders met...

Oct 10 2012 8:52AM
Death penalty-free world?

We’re winning! That’s not a claim you may hear too often from human rights activists, but in the case of the global struggle against the death penalty, it’s true. The momentum around the world is towards ending executions. The vast...

Sep 28 2012 3:19PM
Equal marriage – how long will Northern Ireland have to wait?

When David Hockney published his etching In the dull village in 1967, the UK government was busy passing the Sexual Offences Act to (partially) decriminalise homosexuality in England and Wales. It was another fifteen years before...

Jan 31 2012 3:04PM
Haiti: ‘Baby Doc’ escapes justice

Readers of my posts over on the Northern Ireland blog Slugger O'Toole will know that I and others there share a particular interest in Haiti . So, I thought it worthwhile to note the regrettable decision by a Haitian court not to...

Jan 19 2012 4:04PM
Happy travels! Guantánamo Bay: a decade of failure

I first posted this on Slugger O'Toole , on yesterday's 10th anniversary of Guantánamo Bay. Ten years ago today, the first detainees were transferred to the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Since then 779 people have been held...