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2011 (6)
Aug 31 2011 4:57PM
Settler attacks on West Bank Olive Trees: A story from Qusra

Attacks on olive trees has become part of the modus operandi of the aggressive settler communities in the West Bank. In July alone (see this UNOCHA report for more information), the small town of Burin south of Nablus had their olive...

Aug 8 2011 11:10PM
Suffer the little children: Childhood and the Occupation in Palestine

My teammate Eva and Iwalked up the family home stairs to get a better view of the nearby settlementof Itamar from the flat rooftop. Along with the clothes drying in the intensemorning sun and the view that stretched across olive trees...

Jul 22 2011 9:51PM
Demolition of water wells in the west bank - Al Nasariya

Last Tuesday (July 12th) the Yanoun team weremeeting with the local families in the community. We sat under the tree infront of Yassers house and discussed the problems of living with the settlers,as relayed in my previous blog . Fauzi...

Jul 16 2011 8:30PM
Israeli Settlements and the Suffocation of a Palestinian Community (part II)

(This piece is a part II of this blog ) The organisation I am here with, EAPPI has been the sole constant international presence here since 2003. Since our arrival, attacks on the village are down by 90%. In the absence of physical...

Jul 16 2011 7:58PM
Israeli Settlements and the suffocation of a Palestinian Community (part I)

There are currently 500,000 Israeli settlers living in the WestBank (EAPPI, Unjust Settlement ). Theyare all illegal under international humanitarian law (IHL), which, in Article49 (6) of the Geneva Convention states that the occupying...

Feb 10 2011 2:49PM
Bloggers beware in Thailand

As local politicos, hacks, twitterati and bloggers prepare for this evening’s Slugger Awards , let’s spare a thought for Chiranuch Premchaiporn , Thailand’s Mick Fealty , currently on trial in Bangkok. Her crime? Not removing comments...