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2015 (4)
May 20 2015 9:28AM
#LetsMakeHistory on #marriageequality - for Ireland and the world

The Republic of Ireland gets the chance to make history on Friday. That’s when people go to the polls in a referendum on changing the Irish constitution to allow same-sex marriage. If a majority opt for Yes, then Ireland will become...

Mar 20 2015 5:12PM
Truth and justice ‘come dropping slow’ – in memory of Gerry McKerr

By Kartik Raj, EU Campaigner/Researcher at Amnesty International. Gerry McKerr, one of the “Hooded Men” – a name now used to describe the group of detainees subjected to the UK security forces’ infamous “Five Techniques” of...

Feb 20 2015 4:35PM
1861 and All That - updating Northern Ireland's abortion law

Guest blog from Stephanie Weir, a sixth-former from Portadown College who has been on work experience with Amnesty International in Belfast this week. There is no denying that abortion is a complex issue, but forcing a woman to...

Feb 6 2015 9:33AM
"Your moral compass is broken." Opposing Northern Ireland's anti-gay 'conscience clause'

Excerpt of speech given by Amnesty International's Patrick Corrigan at a rally at Belfast City Hall on Saturday 31 January, against a "conscience clause" Bill proposed in the Northern Ireland Assembly: “What is proposed is not a...