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June 2008 (8)
Jun 27 2008 11:50AM
Economic rights versus civil and political rights in Cuba

I have just read an article about how the first gay pride march in Cuba has been banned and the organisers arrested. I returned from Cuba on Monday where I was engaging with some members of the gay community about a documentary, which...

Jun 27 2008 10:40AM
Zimbabwe votes. Northern Ireland arms.

The electorate of Zimbabwe go to the polls today in a presidential election run-off which is two parts tragedy to one part farce. The Queen has stripped Robert Mugabe of his knighthood. Nelson Mandela has condemned the Zimbabwean...

Jun 22 2008 12:01PM
UK arms deals rocket

Official figures just published show that the UK became the world's largest arms dealer last year, thanks to a host of export orders agreed with notorious human rights abusing regimes, like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia. The UK...

Jun 12 2008 5:02PM
Refugee Week 2008 - Refugee Action Group event

In support of asylum-seekers in Northern Ireland who may be detained, the Refugee Action Group has produced an information pack setting out their rights. [i] Those rights include the right to liberty, the right to legal advice and...

Jun 8 2008 1:16AM
You Are Now Entering Free China

Well done to the Foyle Amnesty International Group for their unveiling this week of a terrific new Human Rights for China campaign painted billboard at 'Free Derry corner', directly behind the city's most famous mural . As the Derry...

Jun 6 2008 1:04PM
'Hi, I'm Bob from Air Force One'

President Bush's advance guard has arrived in Belfast in the shape of various security agents and other recce merchants ahead of his announced visit here. The folks in dark glasses who talk into their shirt cuffs have been spotted...

Jun 6 2008 2:23AM
Belfast Chinese back Amnesty campaign

I talked to a Hong Kong Chinese couple who have made their home in Northern Ireland on Wednesday. The conversation took place in Belfast city centre where I was with Amnesty supporters to mark the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square...

Jun 4 2008 4:10PM
Belfast Tiananmen Square Demo

Around 20 Amnesty activists and supporters met in Belfast's Cornmarket today to hand out red roses and action cards and commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Since the Chinesegovernment cracked down on the...