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You Are Now Entering Free China

Well done to the Foyle Amnesty International Group for their unveiling this week of a terrific new Human Rights for China campaign painted billboard at 'Free Derry corner', directly behind the city's most famous mural.

As the Derry Journal reports:

"It features the Beijing Olympic runner logo holding an Amnesty candle instead of the Olympic torch and reads: 'Olympic challenge, Protect the Human’. According to Amnesty, it aims to highlight the lack of freedom and human rights in China. The poster/billboard launch on Wednesday coincided with the anniversary of the crackdown on protestors in Tiananmen Square."

Special tribute to Foyle Group's Bridget Meehan, Michael Williams, Bradley Thompson, Time Webster, Amy Webster, Chris McAllinden, Paddy McNicholl and Chuck Meehan for their painting skills.

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