'Hi, I'm Bob from Air Force One'

President Bush's advance guard has arrived in Belfast in the shape of various security agents and other recce merchants ahead of his announced visit here.

The folks in dark glasses who talk into their shirt cuffs have been spotted around the city, but the funniest report has to be this one from that cheeky Belfast waiter/blogger, Well Done Fillet.

Anyway, our own plans to welcome the President are gathering pace, even though we still don't know for sure what day he's coming!

Probably Monday 16 June, when Belfast will likely be a manic place of helicopters, black car convoys, police outriders, paranoid US security service personnel and slightly embarrassed politicians. For now, the PSNI Sergeant I just spoke to about arrangements for protests is giving nothing away – no time, no location, no hugs.

To be sure none of this waylays our own plans, we will be getting in on the action early with a Sunday afternoon demonstration in Belfast city centre, complete with activists in Guantánamo Bay-style orange jumpsuits.

We've already had a tremendous response from members and supporters wanting to participate. Email us on nireland@amnesty.org.uk to let us know you are coming.

Oh and be sure to follow the good example of the President's (not so) secret service - tip your waiters well!

 If you're on Facebook, the event is listed here. On the Amnesty site, it's here.

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