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2017 (5)
Dec 13 2017 11:13AM
Write for Rights with the LGBTI Network

By Daniel Theophanous We started the Write for Rights campaign over 15 years ago: a global letter-writing initiative which has now become one of world’s biggest human rights event. The campaign’s premise is that “sometimes a letter can...

Nov 8 2017 5:41PM
Speaking up for human rights: what does solidarity mean?

by Patrick Cash for the 'Write for Rights' campaign. When I ask myself why I’ve got involved with a campaign at Amnesty International, I have two answers: firstly, that I’ve always admired from afar the organisation’s ethos and work...

Oct 26 2017 10:56AM
There’s more to sex than someone being male or female

By Lui Asquith – Vice Chair of the LGBTI Network “ Is it a boy or girl?! ” We have probably all asked this question at some point in our lives, for it is almost always the first thing someone asks a new parent. However, we ask you this...

Oct 20 2017 12:49PM
Amnesty LGBTI: National Hate Crime Awareness Week

By Daniel Theophanous “I was assaulted by a man whilst I was holding hands with my lesbian partner. He grabbed me from behind and thrust himself into me, then verbally attacked me.” - Freya, 21, Wales “Someone described their intention...

May 10 2017 9:01AM
"I thought I was some kind of monster"

"I thought I was some kind of monster." These are the words of Sandrao from Germany who was born intersex – the term commonly used for individuals with variations of sex characteristics such as chromosomes, genitals and reproductive...