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2015 (8)
Oct 23 2015 1:10PM
5 reasons why Prides matter

With the 2015 Pride season comes to a close, we've taken a look at why Pride events are still so important for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and activists across the world. 1. People are still attacked...

Oct 9 2015 11:03PM
'Marwan' sits behind bars. His crime? 'Confessing' he's gay

It's the start of term for students. I strongly dislike the start of term. After four relaxing and worry-free months off, I'm faced with the prospect of writing my 10,000 word dissertation. Ergh. Just ergh. Conversations with my...

Jul 1 2015 2:01PM
Pride in London and Istanbul: stickers and dancing versus water cannons and rubber bullets

London Pride has come and gone, and once again hundreds of you marched with us across London’s streets. The typically celebratory mood was bolstered by the news of the Supreme Court ruling that legalised same sex marriage across the...

Jun 25 2015 5:49PM
Progress to take Pride in

I and other Amnesty activists have just come back from the Latvian capital Riga after the most exhilarating of EuroPride weekends. We can all confirm, as the slogan for EuroPride had it, "Changing history is hot". It’s a history that...

Jun 9 2015 10:09AM
Europride 2015. Changing history is hot!

This blog is by LGBTI Network member Ferran Nogueroles Later this month, 25 years after regaining independence from the Soviet Union, Latvia will be the first post-Soviet country to host EuroPride. It marks a decade since Riga hosted...

May 15 2015 1:14PM
5 brave ways activists are fighting for LGBTI rights worldwide

Around the world, people face violent attacks and threats simply because of who they are or who they have sex with. But some brave activists are still standing up for their rights. To mark the International Day against Homophobia...

Apr 14 2015 5:27PM
Elena Klimova and Russia's forgotten LGBTI youth

It’s ironic that a law claiming to ‘protect’ children actually helps marginalise and segregate them. I usually come to the library to work in peace. And by peace I mean absolute silence. I can’t stand noise when I’m trying to...

Feb 6 2015 3:05PM
A union of Pride in the face of oppression

For the UK’s LGBTI community, last year marked a monumental step forward in the fight for equality – the legalisation of same-sex marriage. David Cameron cited its introduction as one of his proudest achievements of 2014. For once, I’m...