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2014 (8)
Dec 11 2014 7:23PM
The grit in the osyter

President Museveni would like more tourists to visit Uganda. He says it’s a much better destination than Spain – less humid and cooler because it’s higher. He may well be right in that respect. Uganda was once called the “pearl of...

Nov 18 2014 3:59PM
The battle for transgender rights: which human right must I drop?

Asking someone to make a choice between rights is abhorrent. Yet, the harsh reality is that certain transgender people are forced to make such decisions if they wish to achieve legal recognition of their own sense of gender identity...

Oct 16 2014 11:54AM
Belgrade Pride: we finally walked. Ljudi za ljude

Barely three months ago I was interviewed by The Independent on the relevance of pride marches, and in particular, London pride . My answer then was that "we march for those who can't. Our platform helps people see the other side...

Sep 17 2014 4:29PM
Make sure Belgrade Pride isn't a washout

In May horrific floods plagued Serbia. At least 57 people died and more than 30,000 people were evacuated from their homes. At the same time, Belgrade Pride was due to take place and the organisers’ decision to postpone the celebration...

Aug 7 2014 10:42AM
Cameroon High Commission stalls on our petition. A wasted lunchtime?

For the past two months Amnesty supporters have been adding their signatures to a letter to President Paul Biya of Cameroon calling on him to repeal laws that criminalise homosexuality and to protect sexual minority groups in the...

Jun 9 2014 12:09PM
Rain stops play at Belgrade Pride - will the Ukrainian authorities stop Kiev's?

This year’s Belgrade Pride - due to take place at the end of May, was cancelled because of floods. Some people, like one former UKIP councillor a few months back, may see this as a sign of god’s wrath at homosexuals flaunting...

Feb 28 2014 7:41PM
The anti-gay law: Uganda's shame

‘the homosexuals have lost the argument in Uganda. They should rehabilitate themselves and society should assist them to do so.’ President Museveni At the start of this week Uganda’s President heralded a new low for lesbian, gay...

Jan 20 2014 5:44PM
Nigeria: flogged for daring to love

The image of a man laying on a bench in a packed court room in northern Nigeria, screaming in pain as he was being lashed 20 times with an oil-smeared whip is profoundly shocking. But this is par for the course in a country where same...