Words That Burn poets

Here is our directory of inspiring poets and their incredible poems that feature in Words That Burn in the classroom.


Adrian Mitchell Back in the Playground Blues (Burn 6: dignity)

Amy León Black/White (Burn 8: power)

Amy León Darling (Burn 8: power)

Amy León Right To Be (Burn 10: words that burn)

Anthony Anaxagorou Serve and Protect (Burn 7: speak up)

Anthony Anaxagorou The Blood (Burn 5: witness)



Bethany Rose One Hundred Years Ago (Burn 10: words that burn)



Dean Atta I Come From (Burn 2: being me)

Dean Atta How To Be A Poet (Burn 2: being me)

Deanna Rodger Being British (Burn 6: dignity)

Deanna Rodger I Am The One Who Would Save (Burn 10: words that burn)

Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night (Burn 8: power)



Elsa Wiezell Encounter with Freedom (Burn 1: being heard)

Emtithal Mahmoud Head Over Heels (Burn 5: witness)

Emtithal Mahmoud You Have a Big Imagination or 400,000 Ways to Cry (Burn 5: witness)



Grace Nichols Sally Size Zero (Burn 1: being heard)



Hollie McNish Foreign (Burn 6: dignity)



Imtiaz Dharker The Right Word (Burn 9: respect)

Inja Freedom (Burn 8: power)

Inja Your Moment (Burn 10: words that burn)



Jackie Kay Glasgow Snow (Burn 6: dignity)

Jay Hulme I Am A Man (Burn 6: dignity)

Jim Ferris Poems with Disabilities (Burn 6: dignity)

John Agard Half-caste (Burn 9: respect)

Joseph Coelho Gingerbread Man (Burn 1: being heard)



Keith Jarrett A Gay Poem (Burn 6: dignity)



Langston Hughes I Dream a World (Burn 4: Change)

Luke Wright  Power (Burn 8: Power)



Martin Niemöller First They Came (Burn 1: being heard and Burn 3: freedom)

Michael R Burch First They Came For The Muslims (Burn 3: freedom)

Michael Rosen Leaving Home (Burn 4: Change)



Oscar Wilde Apologia (Burn 1: being heard)



Patrick Cash What Scares You (Burn 10: words that burn)

Pat Parker My Lover Is a Woman (Burn 1: being heard)



Rachel Rooney Russian Doll (Burn 1: being heard)

Raymond Antrobus Dear Hearing World (Burn 7: speak up)



Sabrina Mahfouz Solidarity Poem (for all those defending Human Rights) (Burn 10: words that burn)

Sarah Crossan Cutbacks (Burn 1: being heard)

Sarah Crossan Dwellings (Burn 6: dignity)

Sarah Crossan Everyone Who Cares (Burn 10: words that burn)

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan This is not a humanizing poem (Burn 6: dignity)



Vanessa Kisuule Take Up Space (Burn 6: dignity)

Victoria Redel Bedecked (Burn 6: dignity)



Walt Whitman Song of Myself (Burn 1: being heard and Burn 2: being me)



Yala Korwin The Little Boy With His Hands Up (Burn 3: freedom)

Yrsa Daley-Ward And that's the thing about ignorance (Burn 10: words that burn)

Copyrights and credits

Copyrights and credits for poems and film clips used are added at the end of each session. This resource has been produced by Amnesty International UK in cooperation with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. We would like to thank Cheltenham Festivals and Barnwood Park Arts College, Cleeve School, Gloucestershire Hospital Education Service and Severn Vale School for piloting this resource, and The Poetry Hour for their support.