Make a difference for women's rights

Poets, Sarah Crossan, Deanna Rodger and Bethany Rose take on the Make a Difference in a Minute Challenge for women’s rights.

Everyone Who Care

By Sarah Crossan

Read Everyone Who Cares.

Sarah is a poet, writer and the Children's Laureate for Ireland.

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I Am The One Who Would Save

By Deanna Rodger 

Read I Am The One Who Would Save

Deanna is an international writer, performer and facilitator.

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One Hundred Years Ago

By Bethany Rose

One Hundred Years Ago

Bethany is a poet and educator.

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Make a difference for human rights through poetry

You can Make a Difference in a Minute by writing a human rights poem that you can perform in one minute or less. 

We would love to receive your written poems and performances responding to our Words That Burn theme. The current theme is Power through poetry and our poetry action is for human rights defender, Seyi Akiwowo.

You can submit your poem in written form or as an audio or video clip that is one minute or less. A selection of poems will be chosen for showcase on our website. We will let you know if your poem is chosen.

Make a difference for women’s rights through activism

There are many human rights that are routinely denied to women and girls, just because of their sex. Our women’s human rights work aims to make sure that women and girls are protected in law and practice so that they can be equal and free, no matter where they live. Get involved with women’s rights campaigning