Words That Burn (20)
Jul 17 2023 4:29pm
Why I started writing: tips for writing poetry from our poets
Joelle Taylor is an award-winning poet, playwright, author and edi...
Oct 3 2019 10:09am
Gruffalo co-creator illustrates poem by refugees on National Poetry Day
Axel Scheffler illustrates poignant poem by refugees at the Isling...
Oct 1 2019 11:09am
Poetry Portal to Togetherness
On National Poetry Day 2019, we have released a film of the poem Trees...
Feb 6 2019 11:09am
Spoken Word London's Anti-Hate Anthology
By Patrick Cash, writer, spoken word artist and Amnesty Words That Bur...
Jan 24 2019 5:16pm
How I start writing, Jordan Stephens
Jordan Stephens is a writer and performer best known for being one...
Jan 8 2019 9:54am
Cheltenham Festival
Oct 2 2018 3:55pm
Poems on Power
Poets Luke Wright and Sabrina Mahfouz share poems on the theme of powe...
Oct 2 2018 3:55pm
Poems on the theme of family
Poets Dean Atta and Valerie Bloom share poems on the theme of family. ...
Oct 2 2018 3:51pm
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           "It is important because it gives us an idea of the world’s...
Oct 2 2018 3:25pm
Poetry on the theme of LGBTI rights
Poets, Yrsa Daley-Ward and Patrick Cash, share poems for LGBTI rights:...