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Joelle Taylor is an award-winning poet, playwright, author and editor. She founded and is the Artistic Director and Lead Mentor on Borderlines - a new international spoken word project that links 10 UK cities with 7 European countries to discuss the theme of ‘borders’. Listen to Joelle talking about how poetry helped her find her voice and her top tips for how to start writing. 

Luke Wright is an award-winning spoken word artist, broadcaster and writer. In this video, hear him talk about what inspired him to start writing poetry. He also shares some advice and tips for how to start writing. 

Anthony Anaxagorou is a British- born Cypriot award-winning poet, fiction writer, essayist, poetry educator and publisher. Here Anthony talk about why he enjoys writing poetry and his advice on how to write your own poetry. 

Raymond Antrobus is the author of Shapes & Disfigurements, To Sweeten Bitter and The Perseverance. In 2019 he became the first ever poet to be awarded the Rathbone Folio Prize for best work of literature in any genre. Raymond gives some great advice about how to write poetry. 

Keith Jarrett is a poet and fiction writer. Keith talks about what has influenced him and his advice for new poets. 

The Poets Will Be Heard

Watch BBC Radio 1Xtras The Poets Will Be Heard to hear other poets explain why they write. 

Try other ways to start writing

  • Pick a topic. Identify one word for that topic. Challenge yourself to write non-stop for three minutes starting with the one word you have chosen. Write non-stop and write the first thing that comes into your head. Don’t worry about structure, rhyme, spelling or grammar. Afterwards, read through your writing, are there any words or phrases you could use to start your writing? 
  • Pick a topic. Write down negative words or phrases that make you feel angry and frustrated about that topic. Write down positive words that make you feel proud and hopeful about that topic. Select four negative words and four positive words to use as a basis for a poem about change.