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Words That Burn – our bitesize poetry series

Join us for this Words That Burn bitesize blog series as we explore the power of poetry. We will introduce you to some incredible poets and share simple activities you can do to inspire your own poetry. This is the first of eight bitesize poetry activities.  

Complete the sentence 

Poetry is …

What do you think poetry is? What does poetry mean to you?

Watch the first 3 minutes 45 seconds of this clip which explores the spoken word scene. 

"The Poets Will Be Heard - BBC". Uploaded by Geej Ower

Were you surprised by anything in the documentary? Do you want to add anything to your initial response?

Now complete the sentence again

Poetry is …

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Words That Burn - bitesize poetry series 

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The Words That Burn bitesize poetry series explores the power of poetry and suggests writing activities you can try at home. For full teaching resources visit

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