Make a difference for LGBTI rights

Poets make a difference for LGBTI rights.

The challenge

Write a poem about LGBTI rights that you can perform in one minute or less.

And that's the thing about ignorance by Yrsa Daley-Ward

Read 'And that's the thing about ignorance' 

Yrsa Daley-Ward is a poet, model and LGBTI activist. 

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What Scares You by Patrick Cash

Read What Scares You 

Patrick Cash is a poet, writer and editor.


Patrick’s Make a Difference in a Minute poem for LGBTI rights shares some of the events that have impacted upon him. The poem ends with a call to action to join the LGBTI movement in their fight for equality and against hate.

Make a difference for human rights through poetry

You can Make a Difference in a Minute by writing a human rights poem that you can perform in one minute or less. 

We would love to receive your written poems and performances responding to our Words That Burn theme. The current theme is LGBTI rights through poetry and our poetry action is for trans activist Sakris Kupila.

You can submit your poem in written form or as an audio clip or video clip that is one minute or less. A selection of poems will be chosen for showcase on our website. We will let you know if your poem is chosen.

Make a difference for LGBTI rights through activism 

Do gay people have fewer human rights than straight people? Of course not. And yet it’s a crime to be gay in at least 78 countries today. In some, it can get you executed. From the UK to Uganda, we’re working to end discrimination in society and in the law. Get involved with LGBTI campaigning.  

Find help and advice

Are you looking for support for yourself or someone you know who is being affected by LGBTI discrimination? 

Young stonewall support and empowers young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people to live their lives free from discrimination and fulfill their potential.

Stonewall offers information and support for LGBT communities and their allies.