Adult education (14)
Sep 10 2015 5:25pm
Amnesty Trainers Death Penalty resources
This pack has been created for Amnesty Trainers to use when engaging w...
Mar 10 2015 5:11pm
Human Rights Education Questions and Answers
What is human rights education, and how do we deliver it? This two-pa...
Feb 25 2015 5:34pm
2015 UK general election and lobbying training pack
These ten files form a training pack for teaching about human rights a...
Nov 19 2014 10:58am
Amnesty Trainers Refugees and I Welcome campaign resources
Download these resources on the refugee crisis and the I Welcome campa...
Nov 17 2014 10:55am
Amnesty Trainers Introduction to Amnesty International for adults
Download the presentation and facilitation notes to explain our work i...
Nov 11 2014 4:17pm
Amnesty Trainers Stop Torture campaign resources
Download the Stop Torture campaign resources for your Amnesty Trainer ...
Nov 11 2014 1:53pm
Amnesty Trainers My Body My Rights campaign resources
These seven files form part of a training pack for the My Body My Righ...
Aug 28 2014 12:15pm
Ask an Amnesty Trainer to deliver a human rights workshop
We provide trainers to run free human rights workshops, training sessi...
Aug 28 2014 11:52am
Become an Amnesty Trainer
Join our Amnesty Trainer Network and become part of a network of skill...
Aug 15 2014 4:11pm
Higher and adult education