Jan 25 2018 4:05PM
How receiving letters from thousands of strangers helped me fight for justice for my brother’s murder
By Shackelia Jackson Over the past two months I’ve received more than 6,000 letters, tweets and emails from people across the UK who I’ve never spoken to or met before in my life. Reading them has been overwhelming. Kindness from one s...
Dec 29 2017 12:27PM
Writing for Rights – from Croydon to the World
It’s that time of year again… Yes, the Amnesty Write for Rights campaign has launched! Here in Croydon, we kicked off the November meeting with a round of card-writing in solidarity for prisoners of conscience worldwide. There are 10 k...

Video: 'You want me to explain what a letter is?!' - Jeremy Paxman stars in a new Amnesty sketch

Journalist Jeremy Paxman pokes fun at his tough-speaking persona in a new video about people’s forgotten ability to use a pen and paper in the digital era.

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Jan 16 2017 3:14PM
Review of 2016
We have had an amazingly busy year! We moved into a larger meeting room as our numbers grew which meant we were able to be more actively involved in campaigning and raising awareness of Amnesty's work in our community.
Dec 19 2016 10:09AM
Sucessful Write for Rights event
Thank you to everybody that came to our Write for Rights event last Saturday. There was a wonderful turnout and a record number of card and letters written. Thank you to St.
Dec 9 2016 12:19PM
On human rights day, send a message of hope
Written by Bonface Ophiyah Massah, National Coordinator of APAM, the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi My name is Bonface Massah. I live in Malawi, and I have albinism. That is a dangerous combination. In Malawi, people wi...
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