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Jan 16 2017 3:14pm
Review of 2016
We have had an amazingly busy year! We moved into a larger meeting roo...
Dec 19 2016 10:09am
Sucessful Write for Rights event
Thank you to everybody that came to our Write for Rights event last Sa...
Dec 9 2016 12:19pm
On human rights day, send a message of hope
Written by Bonface Ophiyah Massah, National Coordinator of APAM, the A...
Dec 8 2016 10:55am
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Nov 29 2016 12:00am
Minehead Group December 2016 newsletter
Our December newsletter includes a write up of our successful letter w...
Nov 25 2016 5:47pm
'Press freedom a distant memory' in Egypt warns Amnesty on eve of Media Awards
More photographs of and by, Shawkan available on request ...
Nov 17 2016 11:52am
Write for Rights 2016: Annie Alfred appeals address labels
Address labels for Annie Alfred appeal address labels, to send to Mala...
Nov 15 2016 1:53pm
Write for Rights 2016: Refugees Solidarity Address Labels
Solidarity address labels for Refugees.
Nov 15 2016 1:37pm
Write for Rights 2016: All Solidarity Address Labels
Solidarity address labels for all cases.
Nov 15 2016 1:33pm
Write for Rights 2016: All Appeal Address Labels
Address labels for all cases.