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Venezuela (76)
Nov 4 2021 5:15pm
Venezuela: Landmark ICC investigation must be timely and effective justice for victims
Under Maduro’s government there have been widespread detentions, tortu...
Sep 17 2020 4:50pm
Tens of thousands locked up in "punitive" state-run quarantine centres across Venezuela, El Salvador and Paraguay - new report
90,000 Venezuelans, 16,000 Salvadorians and 8,000 Paraguayans locked u...
Jul 13 2020 2:27pm
Urgent Action outcome: Monitoring of threats to lawmakers continues
Venezuelan National Assembly opposition members, as well as their fami...
Jul 6 2020 4:56pm
Urgent Action outcome: Campaign for prisoner of conscience continues
Prisoner of conscience and union leader Rubén González has been arbitr...
May 29 2020 12:14pm
Darvinson Rojas released on bail
Thanks to the public pressure and countless appeals of our global ...
May 27 2020 4:27pm
Urgent Action outcome: Journalist awaits dismissal of arbitrary charges
Darvinson Rojas is a Venezuelan journalist and prisoner of conscience....
May 19 2020 10:48am
Americas: Health workers at 'horrendous risk' of COVID-19 as governments fail to offer protection to those on frontline
Americas has more than 2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 - around ...
Feb 27 2020 10:53am
Americas: countries crack down on asylum and right to protest in 2019 - new report
Region once again world’s most dangerous for human rights defenders ...
Feb 25 2020 10:58am
Venezuela: Prisoner of conscience's life at great risk
Since his arbitrary arrest on 29 November 2018, Venezuelan labour righ...
Feb 4 2020 9:08am
Peru: Unlawfully turning away Venezuelans seeking protection - new report
Peru denying entry to vulnerable Venezuelans, including older people a...