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Tiananmen Square (34)
Apr 19 2024 8:00am
Tiananmen Massacre 34Years On
The Story of Wang Chao, a Victim of the Tiananmen Massacre, 天安門屠殺死難者王超...
Apr 19 2024 7:59am
London to Remember June Fourth 34 Years On
倫敦將舉行燭光集會,紀念八九民運34週年,緬懷六四死難者。 倫敦六四燭光集會 地點:中國大使館對面 時間:2023年6月4...
Apr 19 2024 7:58am
Speeches by Tiananmen Mothers at the 34th Anniversary of June 4th
六四34周年:天安门母亲代表发言稿 34th anniversary of June 4: Speech on behalf of Tian...
Jun 5 2023 12:08pm
UK: Hundreds of people join Tiananmen vigil outside Chinese Embassy
Protesters called for justice for Tiananmen victims Hong Kong priso...
May 26 2023 10:59am
UK: Campaigners to hold Tiananmen vigil outside Chinese Embassy - 4 June
Candles will be held aloft and famous ‘white paper’ protest emulated ...
Jun 4 2022 10:22pm
Tiananmen Square: Four things you should know
This week marks 33 years on since the Tiananmen Square crackdown in Ch...
Jun 4 2022 4:22pm
Hong Kong: Tiananmen anniversary arrests 'an insult to the memory' of victims
Hong Kong police make arrests as Tiananmen gatherings banned Vigil...
May 30 2022 10:04am
UK: Tiananmen square vigils to be held in London and Edinburgh
Amnesty events in cities around the world including San Francisco and ...
May 19 2022 9:31am
London Remembers June 4th Candlelit Vigil:Tiananmen Massacre 33 Years on 倫敦毋忘六四燭光集會: 天安門大屠殺 33 週年
This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the 1989 pro-democracy movemen...
Jun 10 2021 7:21am
Freedom/Solidarity/Resistance為自由/共命運/同抗爭: Tiananmen Massacre 32 Years On
In the evening of 4 June 2021, hundreds of activists gathered in front...