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Taiwan (11)
Sep 25 2021 10:46am
Taiwan: Landmark moment for transgender rights as court rules against surgery requirement
Responding to a Taiwanese court ruling that a government requirement o...
May 17 2019 10:00am
Taiwan legalises same-sex marriage after historic bill passes
Responding to the news that lawmakers in Taiwan have passed a law that...
Feb 21 2019 1:00pm
Taiwan: Draft law on same-sex marriage 'a huge step forward for equality'
Responding to the release of a draft law which will act as a legal bas...
Jan 21 2018 10:27am
Human Rights Day 2017: Free Prisoners of Conscience
On 10 December 2017, over 100 activists gathered to mark #HumanRightsD...
Dec 6 2017 11:51pm
Major trends of human rights violations in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Ahead of Human Rights Day, there have been major trends in human right...
Mar 19 2014 12:43pm
Taiwan: Restraint urged in protests over China trade deal
The Taiwanese security forces must protect and respect human rights in...
Dec 21 2012 12:00am
TAIWAN: Broken promises as six executed
Taiwan’s execution of six people today makes a mockery of the authorit...