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Apr 23 2021 6:44PM
On the Trauma of Advocacy

The tenth anniversary of the Syrian uprising has now passed. Harrowing testimony of victims and stories of resistance from survivors saturated this brief moment in our collective conscience. Hundreds of articles, podcasts, interviews...

Mar 11 2021 2:05PM
Syria 10 Years On - Assad’s Pyrrhic Victory

Syria’s human rights community is not just petitioning and protesting against atrocities; they’re also hunting down torturers and war criminals.

Mar 6 2021 5:59PM
Friends & Families of Syria’s Disappeared Develop a Roadmap for Justice

Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan In the autumn of 2019, Syrian survivors of torture and familes of those still missing, gathered in rural Holland to work on what would become, nearly 18 months later, the Truth and Justice Charter. I...

Conviction of former Syrian official in Germany for crimes against humanity 'historic victory for justice'

Women, men and children at a rally in London, UK carrying Syria flags
Demonstrators carrying Syria flags at a UK rally in Trafalgar Square, as part of the Global Day of Action on the Middle East and North Africa © Amnesty International (photo: Imran Uppal)

‘We call on more states to follow Germany’s example by investigating and prosecuting individuals suspected of committing war crimes or other crimes under international law in Syria’- Lynn Maalouf Responding to a decision of the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz, Germany, which has sentenced Eyad al-Gharib, a former Syrian security officer, to four-and-a-half years in prison for his role in aiding and abetting the torture of detained protesters in Damascus, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Lynn Maalouf said: “Today’s historic verdict – the first of

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May 18 2020 7:11PM
Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 1

Mansour Omari, a Syrian human rights defender, gives a personal account of the first day of a historic Syrian torture trial in Koblenz, Germany.

May 2 2020 9:23PM
Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 2

Part 2 of Mansour Omari's deeply personal account of the Syria torture trial in Koblenz, Germany.

Apr 14 2020 3:01PM
Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 3

I wondered what his victims felt hearing his voice. Was it too penetrating? Did it throw them back to that time and place when they heard it for the first time?

Syria: Moscow summit must prioritise civilian safety in Idlib

Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are due to discuss Idlib at a meeting in Moscow tomorrow © 2020 Mikhail Svetlov

‘All parties to the conflict must allow civilians wishing to flee the fighting to do so’ - Lynn Maalouf Ahead of a summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Moscow tomorrow to discuss the escalating conflict in Idlib in Syria, Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East Research Director, said: “The Moscow summit represents an opportunity for Russia and Turkey to prioritise the safety of civilians. “The fate of almost one million people forced from their homes now hangs in the balance as this meeting goes ahead. “After nine years

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Mansour al-Omari is fighting to get justice for Syria
Mansour al-Omari is fighting to get justice for Syria

Mansour's story

'The first trial for torture in Syria is a truly historic moment'

-Mansour Omari

Tired of being a victim

Sick and tired of being a victim for so many years, with a victim’s perpetual sense of defeat, I sat at my window looking out at a lively street with children hurrying to school.

Amnesty's virtual reality-themed #360Syria project wins prestigious Third Sector award

A 360-degree photosphere showing the scale of destruction in Aleppo © Lamba Media Production

‘We’re delighted by the Third Sector award and delighted that the #360Syria project is gaining wide recognition’ - Kate Allen

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