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South Africa (64)
Jan 10 2024 6:11pm
Israel/OPT: South Africa's genocide case offers glimmer of hope for justice
Proceedings at International Court of Justice due to open in The Hague...
Jul 18 2022 8:40pm
Protect the Protest: Amnesty warns against allowing those in power to make protest a crime
Black Lives Matter, MeToo and climate change have inspired millions to...
Jul 22 2021 12:04pm
South Africa: Government must investigate deaths of more than 200 people during riots
Authorities failed to deal with lethal unrest triggered by former pres...
Sep 3 2020 9:07am
More than 7,000 health worker deaths from COVID-19 globally - UK deaths third-highest
649 deaths in UK - third-highest reported figure for any country globa...
Aug 14 2020 12:17pm
Southern Africa: Region's leaders must address human rights violations
COVID-19 still devastating the region, exposing stark inequalities and...
Apr 17 2020 9:56am
Southern Africa: Government intervention urgently required as millions face hunger under COVID-19 lockdowns
Millions of people across Southern Africa face desperate situation as ...
Apr 8 2020 10:49am
Africa: Armed conflicts and state repression fuel cocktail of human rights violations - new report
Annual review reveals how activists and human rights defenders continu...
Sep 5 2019 8:18pm
South Africa: 'Alarming' levels of gender-based violence and femicide
In response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation and h...
Sep 4 2019 4:45pm
South Africa: anti-foreigner attacks have been stoked by years of rhetoric and inaction
Attacks on refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers have occurred for pas...
Aug 14 2019 1:19pm
Southern Africa: Leaders must ramp up efforts to stop people with albinism being killed for body parts
Approximately 150 people with albinism have been killed in countries s...