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Pocket Protest (20)
Aug 11 2022 12:52pm
What is Pocket Protest?
Pocket Protest is our SMS Action Network. It's made up of thousands of...
Feb 23 2018 10:54am
Myanmar: Two journalists face up to 14 years in prison for their work on the Rohingya crisis
Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are two journalists working for international ...
Feb 23 2018 10:54am
Urgent: Woman in North Korea faces being sent to prison camp with her four-year-old son
Koo Jeong-hwa (previously identified as Lee Su-jung in China) has been...
Jul 24 2014 12:10pm
Meriam Ibrahim freed from death row in Sudan
Six weeks after she was sentenced to hang, Meriam Ibrahim, a 27-year-o...
Jun 19 2014 5:04pm
Iran: Save Zeynab's sight
Zeynab Jalalian is in her early thirties and is set to spend the rest ...
Apr 2 2014 1:42pm
Mozambique takes positive step towards outlawing rape in marriage
In March this year, the parliament of Mozambique was close to ratifyin...
Feb 21 2014 8:01pm
Russian journalist accused of anti-gay 'propaganda' defeats charges
In January this year, Elena Klimova was charged under Russia’s new ant...
Jan 31 2014 11:58am
Ukraine protests: Dmitrii Bulatov
Prominent anti-government protestor Dmitrii Bulatov went missing in Ki...
Sep 18 2013 3:16pm
Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf
Update: The judge of Jabal Awliya court postponed Amira Osman Hamed’s ...
Aug 23 2013 10:25am
Rape survivor will not be flogged in Maldives
This week, we were relieved to hear that a 15 year old girl in the Mal...