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Japan (83)
Dec 26 2019 10:40am
Japan: Execution a shameful stain on human rights record of Olympic hosts
In response to the news that Wei Wei, a 40-year-old Chinese national, ...
    Aug 2 2019 10:45am
    Japan: Two hanged in 'deplorable' executions
    Amnesty International has again called on Japan to abolish the death p...
      Sep 24 2018 1:04pm
      Heathfield Fair: Defying the Death Penalty in Japan
      On Sunday 16th September, Amnesty Croydon once again held their spot a...
      Jul 26 2018 5:56am
      Japan: 'unprecedented execution spree' continues as six more Aum cult members hanged
      Japan’s recent spate of executions will not make the country safer, sa...
        Jul 6 2018 8:06am
        Japan: Execution of seven cult members fails to deliver justice
        The executions in Japan of seven members of the religious cult Aum Shi...
          Jun 14 2018 5:01pm
          Does your pint support ethnic cleansing?
          A subsidiary of global Japanese beer brand Kirin donated to the My...
            Jun 14 2018 4:48pm
            Japan: Investigate Kirin over payment to Myanmar military amid ethnic cleansing
            Japanese authorities must urgently launch an investigation into paymen...