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Czech Republic (9)
Jul 22 2021 1:31pm
Czech Republic: Justice for Roma women 'coerced' into sterilisation
Czech women forcibly sterilised between 1966 and 2012 to receive repar...
Jun 23 2021 3:02pm
Czech Republic: 'Reckless' use of knee restraint during Roma man's arrest must be investigated
‘The use of this unlawful technique is a brutal means of control and i...
Jul 3 2015 4:51pm
Kindertransport and Sir Nicholas Winton
London’s Liverpool Street station is a familiar part of my life. I pas...
May 28 2015 9:53am
Education without Discrimination: Roma Children's Rights in the Czech Republic
During a workshop at Amnesty UK's AGM in April we asked people to pick...
Apr 8 2014 12:00am
'Pogrom-like' attacks and widespread discrimination against Roma in Europe revealed in new report
European countries are failing to curb - and in some cases are even...
Dec 8 2013 10:21pm
In A Right State!
Our group had a stall at the Chelmsford Trades Union Council and Banne...
Feb 4 2010 12:00am
Deeper changes needed to reverse segregation of Roma in Czech schools, says international organisations
On 2 February, in a letter to the Czech Minister of Education, Youth a...
Jan 14 2010 2:45pm
Racially segregated schools in Europe in 2010?
A journalist working on the Google story called here yesterday asking ...
Jan 13 2010 12:00am
Racial segregation of school Children's rights still happening within the EU, says new report on Czech Republic
Czech School system still condemns Roma kids to education for Children...