Burma (190)
  • Apr 8 2016
  • 5:52pm
Burma frees student protesters
Burma has released scores of students imprisoned simply for exercising...
  • Apr 1 2016
  • 3:52pm
New president of Burma brings hope of genuine human rights change
This is no April Fools, we promise.
  • Mar 24 2016
  • 6:04pm
Burma: New government should free all prisoners of conscience and usher in 'new dawn for human rights'
“This could be the start of a new dawn for human rights in Burma...
  • Mar 2 2016
  • 12:12am
Farnham Group calendar for 2016
Monday 7th March 2016 Group meeting in the Pavillion of St Andrew'...
  • Jan 22 2016
  • 1:32pm
Burma: Activist jailed for 'harmless' Facebook post on same day as prisoner amnesty
102 people released in prisoner amnesty British man Phili...