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Burkina Faso (17)
Sep 13 2021 5:48am
Niger: Children killed or forcibly recruited by armed Islamist groups in devastating conflict - New Report
Conflict raging at Niger’s borders with Mali and Burkina Faso Maske...
Jun 1 2018 1:17pm
Burkina Faso's abolition of the death penalty welcomed
‘Burkina Faso will join a group of nations that have consigned this cr...
Jul 28 2016 12:00am
The sun shone for our AmnesTEA on Saturday 9 July
We enjoyed a very relaxed afternoon with delicious cakes in Karen and ...
Jul 4 2016 4:25pm
Empowering women to end FGM and child marriage
Working with local communities has taught women's rights activist, ...
Apr 26 2016 12:18pm
Married at 13 - thousands of girls in Burkina Faso denied a childhood against their will
'I never got to finish attending even the first year of primary sch...
Apr 25 2016 3:41pm
Burkina Faso: child marriage puts thousands of girls at grave risk
“My dad married me off to a 70-year-old man who already has five wi...
Mar 31 2016 2:02pm
Burkina Faso, where women and girls are second-class citizens
Héléne didn’t know contraception existed until she already had three c...
Mar 10 2016 9:17pm
Marking International Women's Day in Minehead
This year we held our action stall for International Women's Day actua...
Feb 26 2016 11:45am
Local & Student groups action March 2016: Defend Women’s Rights in Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso - Solidarity with girls survivors of forced marriage ...