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Stop execution of Iranian protesters now

solidarity rally
Ask your MP to act now © © Amnesty International/Stéphane Lelarge

We need to urge Iranian authorities to halt any plans to carry out executions and immediately quash all convictions and death sentences in connection to the uprising.

By writing to the Iranian Head of Judiciary and Iranian Embassy in the UK, MPs can pile on the pressure.

All resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

Are you a constituent? 

Ask your MP to act now for brave Iranian protesters.

  1. Find your MP and their Twitter info here

  2. Tweet your MP saying "@[Insert username] As my MP, will you write to the Iranian Embassy in the UK and demand all executions & convictions against Iranian protesters are halted and quashed? 26 people are at imminent risk, please act now:" 

  3. Download the letter to send to your MP here

    1. Add these details to the letter:

      1. Your MP's email (find it here)

      2. Your address, postcode and contact details

      3. Date

      4. Name of your MP

      5. Your name at the botto

    2. Send the email to your MP


Are you an MP? 

1. Send this letter to the Iranian Head of Judiciary and the Iranian Embassy

2. Send this letter to the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly 

3. Make a public statement on social media calling on the executions of protesters to be halted

You can also read our briefing to MPs here.

What is happening?

Iranian authorities are using sham trials to execute brave Iranian people in connection with the nationwide protests re-sparked by the tragic killing of 22-year-old Mahsa (Zhina) Amini by Iran’s “morality” police.

In this cruel revenge, Iranian authorities want to instil fear in a desperate attempt to cling to power and quell the popular uprising. These trials have been grossly unfair and have violated the most basic and fundamental guarantees of fair trial.

So far, 4 young people have been executed, following their sentencing during expedited sham trials in connection with the protests. Majidreza Rahnavard was publicly executed less than 2 weeks after his only rubber-stamp court hearing, and Mohsen Shekari was executed 3 weeks after Iranian authorities convicted and sentenced him to death. On 7 January, Mohammad Mehdi “Azadi” Karimi and Seyed Mohammad Hosseini also faced arbitrary execution.

We have identified at least 13 individuals that have been sentenced to death and therefore are at grave risk of execution, including for acts not involving “intentional killing”, in violation of Iran’s obligations under international law. The authorities have violated their fair trial rights and subjected several to torture and other ill-treatment, including floggings, electric shocks, death threats, rape and other forms of sexual violence. We are urging Iranian authorities to quash all convictions and death sentences stemming from the protests, refrain from seeking further death sentences, and ensure anyone charged with a recognisable criminal offence is tried by fair trial standards. Anyone detained for peacefully exercising their human rights should be released immediately.

The list of people at risk of execution can be found here.

No one should lose their lives for exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly. 


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Letter to the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly
Letter to Head of Judiciary + Iran Embassy
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