Burn 10: words that burn

Vitalina's story © Amnesty International

Part of the Words That Burn poetry education series for secondary and further education students.

In this session, students explore case studies and films show that we all have the power to stand up for human rights through poetry.

The PowerPoint shares examples of three-well known poets taking on Amnesty’s Make a Difference in a Minute challenge – to perform a human rights poem in one minute or less.

You can also select additional film clips from our featured poets pages: 

Please note: One of the recommended film clips 'You Are Not Powerless' contains a swear word.

See guidance on safeguarding and copyright.

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words that burn - session plan & resource sheets
words that burn - PowerPoint
words that burn - under 18s showcase permission form
words that burn – LGBTI rights briefing – Sakris Kupila
words that burn – womens rights briefing – Azza Soliman
Consent form for over 18s
words that burn – power rights briefing – Mother Mushroom
words that burn – power rights briefing – Vitalina