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Given the chance, most students are eager to grapple with big moral issues involving human rights - war, torture, poverty, religion, migration, women’s rights and freedom of expression.

Our range of educational resources will bring human rights to life engaging your students in the big issues and inspiring them to take action.

Human Rights in the Secondary School

Human rights provide a common language of mutual respect that has a vital role in drawing us together and building stronger communities and schools. Human Rights in the Secondary School is a comprehensive pack of eight Amnesty lesson plans full of exciting and innovative ways to teach human rights that aim to show that human rights matter wherever you live and wherever you’re from.

Download your free copy of Human Rights in the Secondary School

Resources for secondary schools

Search through our resources that introduce secondary and further education students to human rights issues and ways to take action:

Fiction and human rights

Fiction has real power to further human rights education. We produce a range of free, downloadable notes for teachers at primary schools to explore the values at the heart of human rights.

Find out more about using fiction to teach human rights


From resources, ideas and advice we can provide everything you need to hold an event to raise funds for our human rights work around the world.

Fundraise for Amnesty in your school

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