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Fundraising at your school

Raising money isn't only incredibly important to make sure we exist to keep campaigning for human rights - it can also be lots of fun!

Donations - from big to very small - fund all of our work, from researching and documenting abuses in crisis zones and conflicts, to campaigning for change that protects our rights here in the UK and in many countries around the world. Our young supporters are some of our best fundraisers.

Six ways you can raise funds for human rights

There are loads of ways you can fundraise for Amnesty. The more creative the better! But if you're struggling to get started, here's some ideas to get your imagination flowing.

1. Give it up for human rights

We're encouraging all of our young supporters to take part in our new youth fundraising initiative Give it up for human rights. The concept is simple: get sponsored to 'give up' one of the your rights for the day in solidarity with others who have no choice.

Give it up is a great way to learn about human rights and support those who have their rights denied at the same time.

2. Put on a gig at your school

Make the most of the talent at your school but organising a live music event or talent show. 

3. Hold an AmnesTea bake sale

Everyone likes cake so make the most of this by organising a fundraising cake sale, or AmnesTea, as we call them here at Amnesty.

4. Have a non-uniform day

Ask your head teacher if the proceeds of you school's next non-uniform day can go to Amnesty.

5. Run a quiz night

Quiz night: hold a quiz night for parents and teachers with proceeds going to Amnesty.

6. Hold a raffle

Ask local business to donate prizes and hold a raffle at your school.

Useful resources

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want some advice, get in touch with our Community Groups Fundraiser.

Phone: 020 7033 1650/ 07827 694 313