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Right to Protest (270)
Jun 4 2022 4:22pm
Hong Kong: Tiananmen anniversary arrests 'an insult to the memory' of victims
Hong Kong police make arrests as Tiananmen gatherings banned Vigil...
May 11 2022 5:25pm
Save Our Human Rights Act
Apr 28 2022 5:30pm
UK: New policing and asylum laws mark 'deeply sad day' for human rights
Highly controversial new laws given royal assent today ‘These oppre...
Apr 22 2022 1:01pm
Myanmar: Activists continue peaceful protests in face of the regime's brutality - new research
Testimonials from activists reveal a range of non-violent protests acr...
Mar 3 2022 12:26pm
Stand With Afghan Women - LG
Feb 24 2022 2:19pm
Colombia: Security forces brutally attacked peaceful protesters in Cali - New Evidence
Protesters were attacked by police in the Siloé neighbourhood of Cali ...
Jan 11 2022 9:31pm
Kazakhstan protests - 'crisis is far from over'
Almost 10,000 have been arrested since protests began Authorities ...
Aug 27 2021 10:54am
Tunisia: unlawful travel plans placed on those critical of presidential power grab
At least 50 people placed under unlawful travel bans - new research ...
Aug 20 2021 12:58pm
Indonesia: Papuan protesters beaten and racially abused by security forces - new research
Protests against controversial renewal of Papua Special Autonomy Law ...