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Right to Protest (347)
Jun 19 2024 4:15pm
Join Amnesty Students
What is an Amnesty student group? Amnesty student groups are studen...
Jun 7 2024 4:22pm
Hong Kong: Arrests over China anthem protest at World Cup qualifier condemned
Three arrested after police reportedly filmed spectators’ behaviour as...
May 31 2024 2:58pm
UK: Rally marking 35 years since Tiananmen Square crackdown
Leading Hong Kong human rights activists to speak highlighting the aut...
May 10 2024 5:09pm
UK: Immigration powers ‘must not be weaponised’ to suppress Gaza protests
‘Immigration powers must not be weaponised to suppress freedom of expr...
May 3 2024 5:54pm
USA: university administrations condemned over heavy-handed Gaza protests response
‘As could easily be foreseen, the decisions at some universities to ca...
May 2 2024 4:25pm
UK: peaceful student protests on Gaza must be respected
Commenting on the emergence of growing numbers of pro-Palestine solida...
Apr 19 2024 7:59am
London to Remember June Fourth 34 Years On
倫敦將舉行燭光集會,紀念八九民運34週年,緬懷六四死難者。 倫敦六四燭光集會 地點:中國大使館對面 時間:2023年6月4...
Mar 8 2024 3:05pm
UK: Letter from leading rights groups warn Government of 'chilling effect' on protests
46 organisations sign on letter calling on Prime Minister to immediate...
Feb 23 2024 2:11pm
UK: More protest restrictions will further undermine basic human rights
‘Criminalising demonstrations outside Parliament in the name of protec...