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Jan 10 2021 11:59 pm
USA: Joe Biden must close Guantánamo - new report

Joe Biden pledged to close the camp as Vice-President 40 people still held - many who were ‘cleared for release’ years ago ‘This is about … crimes under international law committed over the past 19...

Jan 7 2021 10:08 am
Northern Ireland: First and deputy First Minister must raise concerns over Hong Kong arrests with Chinese consul general

Around 50 Hong Kong opposition figures arrested Activist Gwyneth Ho, who gave the Amnesty International Northern Ireland annual lecture four weeks ago, amongst those arrested Amnesty International has...

Jan 7 2021 8:27 am
USA: 'Moment of reckoning' as President Trump incites violence at the Capitol

President Trump’s rejection of the U.S. election results, and incitement of his supporters has “fanned the flames of the chaos and violence”, Amnesty International said following last night’s breach...

Jan 6 2021 5:33 pm
USA: Trump should grant clemency to federal death row prisoners

Three executions scheduled in four days next week, with Lisa Montgomery set to be first woman executed by federal authorities in 67 years Trump administration has pursued more federal executions than...

Jan 6 2021 11:30 am
Israel: denying Covid-19 vaccine to Palestinians is 'institutionalised discrimination'

Israel has ensured fast roll-out of vaccines for its own population Nearly five million Palestinians living under occupation excluded from jabs ‘There could hardly be a better illustration of how...

Jan 6 2021 8:09 am
Hong Kong: Mass arrest of poll organisers as security law is weaponised to silence criticism

Responding to the arrest of around 50 Hong Kong opposition figures this morning for violation of the controversial national security law over their organisation and participation in an alternative...

Jan 5 2021 5:31 pm
Northern Ireland: Abortion services cease at South Eastern Trust following Health Department failure

More than a third of million people affected across County Antrim and County Down Health Minister’s failure to commission services and provide funding is forcing vital abortion care to a halt Women...

Jan 5 2021 2:27 pm
Israel/Palestine: Hebron activist faces long jail sentence

Palestinian activist Issa Amro has been target of ‘political-motivated’ charges Ofer military court due to deliver verdict tomorrow An Israeli military judge in the occupied West Bank is expected to...

Jan 4 2021 1:06 pm
UK: Assange extradition refusal welcome, but UK complicit in setting 'terrible precedent'

‘The UK government should never have so willingly assisted the US in its unrelenting pursuit of Assange’ - Nils Muižnieks Responding to the decision by the Magistrate’s Court in London not to approve...

Dec 30 2020 10:29 am
Argentina: Legalising abortion an historic victory for human rights

Law enables termination up to the 14th week of pregnancy Bill was passed with 38 votes in favour, 29 against and 1 abstention in the Senate ‘Today we have grown as a society’ - Mariela Belski Amnesty...