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Jun 22 2005 12:00 am
New report exposes arms exports from UK and other G8 nations fuelling poverty and human rights abuses

G8 weapons have been exported to countries including Sudan, Burma (Burma), the Republic of Congo, Colombia and the Philippines.The report makes a clear case for the G8 to support UK Foreign Secretary...

Jun 20 2005 12:00 am
UK: New Amnesty report calls on government to reveal annual asylum detention figures

The organisation suspects that over 25,000 people who have sought asylum in the UK, including Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights and Children's rights, were detained solely...

Jun 17 2005 12:00 am
USA: Expansion of Guantanamo camp condemned

The human rights organisation said that the decision would fuel worldwide concern over accounts of torture and ill-treatment, religious humiliation and arbitrary detention emerging from the facility...

Jun 15 2005 12:00 am
Nepal: New report shows foreign arms fuelling conflict and human rights abuse

Presently the UK has already suspended all arms assistance to Nepal but the situation was recently described by the UK government as "under review".(1)The 27-page report, Nepal: Military assistance...

Jun 14 2005 12:00 am
Sudan: National court for Darfur crimes lacks credibility, and is no replacement for ICC investigation

The human rights organisation believes this court cannot provide justice for the crimes committed in Darfur because of the current climate of intimidation, and because an independent and impartial...

Jun 12 2005 12:00 am
Scotland: Scottish pupils challenge apathy accusations

Young people from around Scotland debate human rights issues at Amnesty International Conference.150 school pupils will gather on Tuesday 17th July at St Aloysius' College, Glasgow,for the Amnesty...

Jun 10 2005 12:00 am
UK: Terror laws must be repealed as UK faces yet more criticism

Currently the same former Belmarsh detainees are subject to control orders under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 - the same measures that were so roundly criticised by the CoE Commissioner for...

Jun 10 2005 12:00 am
Ethiopia: Hundreds of students at risk of torture as crisis deepens

Amnesty International fears that several hundred Addis Ababa University students, who were arrested during demonstrations earlier this week, are being held incommunicado without charge, and are being...

Jun 09 2005 12:00 am
UK: Amnesty International Secretary General meets McCartney sisters

At the meeting, the Secretary General pledged the organisation's full support for the McCartney family's call for justice and not revenge for the murder of Robert McCartney.The McCartney family's call...

Jun 09 2005 12:00 am
Jamaica: Benjamin Zephaniah calls on Jamaicans everywhere to stand up against homophobia

Benjamin Zephaniah said:"For many years Jamaica was associated with freedom fighters and liberators, so it hurts when I see that the home of my parents is now associated with the persecution of people...