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Apr 29 2005 12:00 am
Saudi Arabia: Urgent appeal launched for 35 men facing flogging for attending 'gay wedding'

According to a recent Agence France Presse report, the sentences were imposed after the "gay wedding" took place in Jeddah in March. The men could be flogged at any time.Amnesty International believes...

Apr 28 2005 12:00 am
Yemen: Young mother faces execution for crime committed when 16

Amina Ali Abdulatif only escaped the firing squad in 2002 because the executioners noticed she was pregnant, according to reports from her lawyer. She was reportedly raped by one of the guards at al...

Apr 28 2005 12:00 am
Vietnam: Prisoner amnesty welcomed, call for all prisoners of conscience to be released

Among those to be released are Reverend Pham Ngoc Lien, a 63-year-old member of the Catholic Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix (CMC), who has spent the last 18 years in prison, and Le Thi Hong...

Apr 28 2005 12:00 am
Iraq: Still no justice for torture abuse one year on from Abu Ghraib photographs

Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan said:"People around the world will be recalling the horrific images they saw a year ago and wondering what happened to those prisoners. Did they...

Apr 26 2005 12:00 am
Colombia: Justice and peace law guarantees impunity

"The draft legislation fails to comply with international standards on victims’ right to truth, justice and reparation. It will exacerbate Colombia’s endemic problem of impunity, and risks demobilized...

Apr 26 2005 12:00 am
Belarus: Last voices of peaceful dissent suppressed

The report Belarus: Suppressing the last voices of peaceful dissent says that vocal critics of the Belarusian regime risk long-term imprisonment after unfair trials due to a flawed criminal justice...

Apr 25 2005 12:00 am
Turkey: Justice denied to tortured teenage girls as police acquitted

"This trial has already taken over four years and has been postponed more than 30 times," said James Logan, researcher on Turkey at Amnesty International. "For it to be dismissed at this stage over an...

Apr 25 2005 12:00 am
Israel/Occupied Territories: Poisoning of Palestinian fields condemned

In recent weeks toxic chemicals have repeatedly been spread on fields located near the villages of Tuwani, Umm Faggara and Kharruba in the southern Hebron region.The toxins have contaminated scores of...

Apr 22 2005 12:00 am
Amnesty welcomes new UN mechanism on Business and Human Rights, and hopes for swift implementation

The organisation said it looked forward to the prompt appointment of an independent Special Representative, and expected the ‘UN Norms’ (1) to feature prominently in his or her work.Amnesty...

Apr 21 2005 12:00 am
Turkey: Concern over trial of police accused of rape and torture of teenagers

Nazime Ceren Salmanoglu, then 16 years old, and Fatma Deniz Polattaş were detained by police officers and taken to the Anti-Terror Branch of Police Headquarters in Iskenderun in early March 1999. They...