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Sep 26 2003 12:00 am
USA: Gay man to be executed after sexuality raised at trial

While the jury was considering its sentence during the 1994 trial, the prosecutor argued that because Mr Hartman was gay the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child should not be considered as...

Sep 25 2003 12:00 am
Nigeria: Amina Lawal’s victory welcomed, but others threatened

According to her defence lawyer, Amina Lawal was freed from the threat of punishment on the grounds that neither the conviction nor the confession were legally valid. This meant that no offence as...

Sep 24 2003 12:00 am
Yemen: New report shows 'Guantánamo Bay factor' and 'war on terrorism' fuelling abuse

The report, Yemen: the rule of law sidelined in the name of security, shows that in the months following the 11 September attacks on New York and Washington, Yemen embarked upon mass arrests, extra...

Sep 23 2003 12:00 am
Maldives: Wave of arrests and uninvestigated deaths suggest human rights abuse growing

Following public and prisoner protests after deaths of prisoners - the first in the Maldives under the current presidency, over a dozen people have been arrested and there are fears that more arrests...

Sep 19 2003 12:00 am
India: Dangerous proposals to 'reform' criminal justice system criticised

Amnesty International UK director, Kate Allen, said:'It's very disturbing that the Malimath Committee report refers quite openly to the need to reform the criminal justice system in order to secure...

Sep 19 2003 12:00 am
Eritrea: 57 Christian girls and boys held in metal containers for possessing bibles

The Children's rights - detained for possession of bibles - are being held in unventilated, overcrowded and extremely hot conditions, with inadequate food and medical care. Amnesty International is...

Sep 19 2003 12:00 am
Democratic Republic of Congo: Alleged torture by UN peacekeepers must be investigated

It is alleged that earlier this month Uruguayan MONUC troops arrested Mr Willy Bengwela, a member of Congo's national intelligence service and security adviser to the local government in the eastern...

Sep 18 2003 12:00 am
UK: New Government human rights report - Amnesty International reaction

'Some good Foreign Office human rights work has effectively been overshadowed by an apparent government unwillingness to stand up to the US on key issues like the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo...

Sep 18 2003 12:00 am
UK Government human rights report: Action not words - true test

The annual Foreign and Commonwealth Office report is likely to summarise the government's view on issues such as the 'war on terrorism', Guantanamo Bay, war in Iraq, the International Criminal Court...

Sep 17 2003 12:00 am
Viet Nam: Refugee Monk's arrest - a mockery of justice

Thich Tri Luc, a member of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Viet Nam (UBCV), is expected to be tried under Article 91 of Viet Nam's Penal Code on charges of fleeing abroad in order to oppose the...