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Thank you from Beatriz

In May, thousands of you took action to help Beatriz, co-signing our Pocket Protest petition and adding more pressure with our global twitter action. Finally, after months of waiting, Beatriz got the life-saving treatment she needed in early June.

Now, we have just recieved this letter from Beatriz thanking you for all your support. You really made a difference. Thank you!

San Salvador, 10 June 2013

To my friends from the Colectivo Feminista and everywhere else,

I want to thank you for having supported me all the way, and without you I think I wouldn’t have been able to stand being in the hospital.

I also want to thank you for all the actions you took for my life.

This situation has been very difficult and without your support I wouldn’t have been able to get through it.

I hope my example serves so that other women won’t have to go through what I suffered.

And I’m very happy because now I’m going to be with my son and with my family again.

Well, that’s all that I wanted to say, and with these words of thanks I will sign off,

Best wishes,