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Sexual and reproductive rights (245)
May 19 2022 9:33am
Northern Ireland: Westminster steps in to deliver abortion services
Amnesty International UK and Informing Choices NI have today welcomed ...
May 3 2022 4:54pm
USA: Supreme Court abortion ruling would be 'massive blow' to gender rights
Leaked opinion shows court preparing to strike down historic Roe v Wad...
Apr 7 2022 10:58am
Poland: Charges against activist accused of aiding an abortion must be dropped
First case in Europe of an activist being prosecuted for aiding an abo...
Mar 24 2022 1:22pm
Northern Ireland: Further 'unacceptable' delays to abortion services
Statement published today outlines next steps for commissioning aborti...
Mar 21 2022 3:41pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Congress Shelves Discriminatory Law
On 15 March, the Guatemalan Congress shelved Decree 18-2022, which wou...
Feb 21 2022 11:04pm
Colombia: decriminalisation of abortion a 'historic victory' for human rights
The ruling follows legalisation of abortion in Argentina and decrimina...
Dec 1 2021 3:01am
Paraguay: Draconian abortion laws and failure to tackle child sex abuse forces girls as young as ten to carry out pregnancies - new report
Paraguay continues to have some of the most restrictive abortion laws ...
Nov 11 2021 9:48am
Slovakia: attempt to restrict abortion access must be rejected
Ahead of today’s expected parliamentary vote on a bill that would seve...
Jul 22 2021 1:31pm
Czech Republic: Justice for Roma women 'coerced' into sterilisation
Czech women forcibly sterilised between 1966 and 2012 to receive repar...
Jul 22 2021 11:18am
Northern Ireland: Secretary of State directs health department to commission abortion services
Full abortion services must be available in Northern Ireland no later ...