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USA: 'Victory' for abortion rights in Ohio must lead to meaningful access

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In response to Ohio becoming the latest state in the USA to enshrine abortion rights in its constitution, Tarah Demant, Amnesty International USA’s National Director of Programmes, said: 

“Despite this latest victory for abortion rights, politicians at the state and federal level, including in Ohio, continue relentless assaults on abortion and other reproductive healthcare and rights. 

“No-one should ever be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. Women and people who can get pregnant have the right to control their bodies.

“While we celebrate this victory, the legal right to abortion is just the beginning - states must make sure that all people have meaningful access to abortion. It must be legal and accessible for all.

“We will continue to call on legislators to work to protect the right to abortion and to ensure full access to abortion, instead of seeking to control the human rights and bodies of their constituents.”

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