Turkey: Gezi Park protests on year on

One year on from the Gezi Park protests, the government’s approach to demonstrations is as abusive as ever while impunity for police violence is rampant, Amnesty International said in a report.

Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty said: 

“The Turkish authorities have been relentless in their crackdown on protesters - be it police violence on the streets or by prosecuting them through the courts. Meanwhile the police enjoy near total impunity. The message is clear: peaceful demonstrations will not be tolerated.   

“Just in the last ten days, demonstrations across Turkey to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests were banned and arbitrarily and brutally dispersed with tear gas, water cannons and beatings. The government must change course, allow peaceful protest and ensure accountability for police abuses.”

Amnesty International’s report, Adding injustice to injury: Gezi Park protests one year on, examines developments following the small protest against the destruction of the park in central Istanbul which spiralled into nationwide anti-government demonstrations. It calls on the Turkish authorities to end impunity for human rights abuses by law enforcement officials and to guarantee the right to peaceful assembly.

The report can be viewed below.

Adding injustice to injury
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