Stop Torture: Mexico

After dropping her children off at school, Miriam López was abducted by Mexican soldiers. They took her to a military barracks where she was raped and tortured for seven days. Her torturers have never been brought to justice.

Miriam is not alone. Torture in Mexico is out of control and the authorities are turning a blind eye. Call on the Mexican president to stop torture. Please send an email to the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto now.…

What we want to see

Call on the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, to uphold all anti-torture safeguards, including proper medical examinations, and investigate all allegations of torture in his country.

After our Stop Torture Day of Action in June, when we took to the streets to demand justice for victims of torture, the Mexican Deputy Ambassador agreed to meet with us and take our concerns to the authorities.

Now, we must keep up the pressure.

We’re urging President Nieto to call on his Federal Attorney General to ensure that:

  • all victims of torture receive prompt medical examinations in line with international standards, such as the UN-backed Istanbul Protocol
  • independent medical experts can examine detainees at the earliest opportunity, and that their medical legal evaluations are considered as evidence by prosecutors and judges
  • all allegations of torture are thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice


Further information can be found in the attached recently published report by Amnesty - Out of Control: Torture and other Ill treatment in Mexico

Torture in Mexico report
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