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Mexico (141)
May 13 2023 11:10am
USA: Biden’s new border rules are cruel and chaotic
Delegation of leading rights organisations visits border as Title 42 w...
Mar 29 2023 10:11am
Mexico: Fire in migrant detention centre is 'devastating'
In response to the devastating fire at a migrant detention center in C...
Jun 28 2022 6:49pm
USA: San Antonio trailer deaths are result of 'inhumane' migration policies
‘It is heartbreaking to reflect that this has happened before and it w...
Sep 20 2021 5:00pm
Mexico: authorities failing victims of femicide as gender-based violence continues at a terrifying pace
Last year at least ten women were murdered every day in Mexico Fam...
Sep 3 2020 9:07am
More than 7,000 health worker deaths from COVID-19 globally - UK deaths third-highest
649 deaths in UK - third-highest reported figure for any country globa...
May 21 2020 5:57pm
UK: shareholder challenges BP over 'glaring' lack of climate change policy
Amnesty UK Board member submits written questions to BP’s closed AGM i...
May 19 2020 10:48am
Americas: Health workers at 'horrendous risk' of COVID-19 as governments fail to offer protection to those on frontline
Americas has more than 2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 - around ...
Mar 18 2020 5:15pm
USA: ban on asylum-seekers from Mexico due to coronavirus is 'fear-mongering'
Trump administration reportedly considering new restrictions  Amnes...
Jan 30 2020 11:53am
Mexico: Amnesty International demands guarantees over access to migrant detention centres
Amnesty International has described as “very grave” the decision by th...
Nov 25 2019 11:15am
Human rights defender's body found after 40 days missing
Authorities found the body of indigenous human rights defender, Arnulf...