May 15 2018 9:04AM
May Newsletter
May Newsletter is attached
Apr 15 2018 7:11PM
Next Meetings
Tuesday 22 May at 7.30 pm Letter Writing, Greenwich Tavern, SE10 Please note we do not have a group meeting in June due to book sale preparations
Mar 17 2018 6:45PM
Booksales 2018
Our 2018 summer booksale is on Saturday 16th June at the Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath
Mar 17 2018 6:43PM
March Newsletter
March 2018 Newsletter is attached
Feb 20 2018 7:11PM
February Newsletter
February Newsletter attached
Jan 14 2018 3:20PM
January 2018 Newsletter
Our January 2018 newsletter, which incorporates the minutes of our AGM is attached.
Dec 24 2017 12:34PM
Next Meetings
Our next meeting will be held at 19:30 in the Crypt of St Margaret's Church Lee terrace on Tuesday 10th April 2018. Our next letter writing will be at 19:30 at the Greenwich Tavern King William's Walk Greenwich on Tuesday 27 March 2018
Dec 24 2017 12:29PM
December Newsletter
December Newsletter attached
Oct 21 2017 5:50PM
November Booksale
Our November Book sale will be on Saturday 18th November starting at 10:00 at the Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath. for further details please see our blog at
Oct 14 2017 7:10PM
Next Meetings
Our next meetings are Letter writing meeting at the Greenwich Tavern, King William Walk, Greenwich SE10 9JH on the 24th October at 19:30 Our next group meeting will be, unusually, at the Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row SE10 8AN...